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Chesley Award 2019 Finalists

The 34th Annual Chesley Award nominations feature several amazing women from the Changeling Artist Collective! Congratulations to founder, Rachel Quinlan and members, Amanda Makepeace, Melissa Gay, Emily Hare and Nataša Ilinčić.

The Chesleys, named for the great astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell, started in 1985 as a means for the Science Fiction and Fantasy art community to recognize individual works and achievements in a given year. This year's awards are for works and achievements in the period from January 1st to December 31st 2018.

Best Cover Illustration - Paperback Book/Ebook

Melissa Gay

The Year's Best Military & Adventure SF, Vol 4 edited by David Afsharirad

Baen Books

June 2018

Nataša Ilinčić

The Raven's Ballad: A Retelling of the Swan Princess (Otherworld Book 5) by Emma Hamm

Self Published

December 2018

Amanda Makepeace

Diabolical Plots Year Three Edited by David Steffen

Diabolical Plots, L.L.C.

June 2018

Best Product Illustration

Rachel Quinlan


Promotional image for the Detroit Festival of Books, June 2018

Best Color Work - Unpublished

Melissa Gay



Best Monochrome Work - Unpublished

Emily Hare



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Voting begins May 27th. To vote, you must be a member of ASFA—anyone can join!