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Kickstarter: Crescent Moon Moth Enamel Pins!

Changeling Amanda Makepeace is launching her second Make 100 Kickstarter on Wednesday, January 16th. This year’s enamel pin is a companion to her Twilight Moth enamel pin from 2018’s campaign. These pins, like last year’s, will be a limited edition run of 100. Last year’s campaign funded in under 8 hours and all 100 pins were claimed in 3 days.

Back the Campaign Today!

This year's campaign is a little different. Here are the three initial tiers:

 -- $15+ option - One Twilight Moth Enamel Pin -- 

 -- $30+ option - Two Twilight Moth Enamel Pins -- 

 -- $75+ option - Concept Art and Two Twilight Moth Enamel Pins -- 

Here are the stretch goals as they currently stand:

-- Stretch Goal 1: $900+ -- UNLOCKED!

All enamel pin backers will receive a Crescent Moon Moth Sticker.

-- Stretch Goal 2: $1500 -- Mini Moon Moth Badge -- UNLOCKED!

When all 100 Crescent Moon Moth enamel pins are spoken for I will add a new reward tier for a special open edition pin, a Mini Moon Moth Badge. All backers will also have the option adjusting their pledge to add-on this pin. This pin will be $10 and it measures 20 mm in diameter.


-- Stretch Goal 3: $2000 -- Crescent Moon Moth Prints -- LOCKED!

All enamel pin backers will receive a Crescent Moon Moth print measuring 4 x 4 inches.

Remember, the campaign will launch on Wednesday, January 16th at 10 a.m. EST. Be ready!