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Featured Patreon: Melissa Gay

Melissa Gay is a Nashville-based illustrator of books and games, whose greatest inspirations are science and folklore. Her lifelong art quest is to create a satisfying visual balance between precise detail and hazy obscurity. Her award-winning Imaginative Realist works have been featured in ImagineFX Magazine, io9,, and several of the Infected By Art anthologies. Besides making art, she is never happier than when hiking, climbing on rocks, or staring into the night sky. She can whistle a passable screech owl call.


After spending her career drawing and painting other people's visions, Melissa is on a quest to learn, explore, and grow as an artist and make worlds of her own. She aspires to be like the protagonist in her painting Harvest, gathering inspirations from everywhere and bringing them to her patrons in the form of new art! 

New personal art will take the form of plein-air landscape studies, imagined space scenes, character portraits, thumbnail sketches, and large oil paintings. Patrons will get to see this content before it’s released anywhere else, and Melissa will even share her inspirations, thought processes, and observations on materials and techniques. 

Melissa’s Patreon currently has 1 tier - Pay what you Like! For $1 or more a month this is what you’ll get:

You are helping me to create the art I love!!! You have all my thanks for whatever you care to give.

For now my Patreon is Pay What You Like. This may change later on as I figure this whole Patreon thing out, but if there are any changes, I will notify you all in advance. I want this process to be as transparent as possible.

What you get for your patronage is early access to all my personal art and process discussions, as I create it, before I show it anywhere else! Plus I will share with you any story vignettes that play around in my head while I'm creating said art. Welcome to my journey!

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Featured Patreon: Elisabeth Alba

Elisabeth Alba is a freelance illustrator living in Western Massachusetts whose artwork focuses on fantastical, historical, and cartographic imagery. She started her Patreon in the summer of 2018 as a way to allow others to dive a little deeper into her creative world.

Elisabeth’s artwork is typically created with a variety of media: pencil, watercolor, colored pencil, acryla gouache, and ink. Sometimes she works digitally. She’s worked with some great clients over the years—including Scholastic, Llewellyn Worldwide, Small Beer Press, and Henry Holt Books for Young Readers—but she also enjoys creating personal work and exploring her own interests and passions in her artwork. For a taste of what you'll be seeing from Elisabeth, if you become a patron, check out her portfolio at!

In her Patreon, Elisabeth shares details and progress photos from her client work (when allowed) as well as personal work, and images she creates for themed art events such as auctions for the Changeling Artist Collective and Month of Love and Fear. She is currently illustrating the Everyday Witch Oracle Deck for Llewellyn Worldwide (publication in September 2019) so many of her recent posts have been about that.

Depending on what tier patrons join, they can also receive video access, participation in polls, coupons, wallpapers, coloring pages, holiday cards, and other fun rewards. There is also a tier to commission tiny framed paintings, and another to save up for larger paintings. For a full breakdown of reward tiers, visit

Since starting her Patreon, Elisabeth has enjoyed exploring a more intimate platform than social-media, where she can interact with friends and fans and get a little more personal with what she shares about her life as a freelance artist. She looks forward to sharing more in 2019, and is grateful for the support of her patrons!

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