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Kickstarter: Artpothecary Volume 1

Changeling Emily Hare has launched her third Kickstarter for her book Artpothecary Volume 1, a collection of sketches, studies, drawings and doodles in pencil and graphite. Emily’s campaign funded in 1 hour!!

Campaign Basics

The book will be 80 pages, perfect bound with velvet matte cover and A5 in size (5.8 x 8.3 inches). The pages will be 170 gsm uncoated paper. The contents of the book are all ready to go into layout and then finally, off to the printers...

Inside the book, you will find all sorts; creatures, portraits, studies, thumbnails which all follow my love for folklore, fantasy and the natural world. My preferred drawing method is graphite pencil and graphite powder which gives it a lovely soft look. A col-erase pencil will also sneak in here and there!

Just The Book - £15 (about $20)

Emily has a range of different rewards tiers if you’d like more goodies with your book, including an Early Bird special.

EARLY BIRD - Book & Print & Postcards & FREE Magnet - £30

One signed copy of Artpothecary

  • FREE magnet

  • Signed A5 Print

  • 5 A6 Postcards

There are only 19 hours left (from the time this article was published) to take advantage of the early bird deal!

Kickstarter: Crescent Moon Moth Enamel Pins!

Changeling Amanda Makepeace is launching her second Make 100 Kickstarter on Wednesday, January 16th. This year’s enamel pin is a companion to her Twilight Moth enamel pin from 2018’s campaign. These pins, like last year’s, will be a limited edition run of 100. Last year’s campaign funded in under 8 hours and all 100 pins were claimed in 3 days.

Back the Campaign Today!

This year's campaign is a little different. Here are the three initial tiers:

 -- $15+ option - One Twilight Moth Enamel Pin -- 

 -- $30+ option - Two Twilight Moth Enamel Pins -- 

 -- $75+ option - Concept Art and Two Twilight Moth Enamel Pins -- 

Here are the stretch goals as they currently stand:

-- Stretch Goal 1: $900+ -- UNLOCKED!

All enamel pin backers will receive a Crescent Moon Moth Sticker.

-- Stretch Goal 2: $1500 -- Mini Moon Moth Badge -- UNLOCKED!

When all 100 Crescent Moon Moth enamel pins are spoken for I will add a new reward tier for a special open edition pin, a Mini Moon Moth Badge. All backers will also have the option adjusting their pledge to add-on this pin. This pin will be $10 and it measures 20 mm in diameter.


-- Stretch Goal 3: $2000 -- Crescent Moon Moth Prints -- LOCKED!

All enamel pin backers will receive a Crescent Moon Moth print measuring 4 x 4 inches.

Remember, the campaign will launch on Wednesday, January 16th at 10 a.m. EST. Be ready!