Journey - March Auction

Join us March 18th for our next art auction, Journey! The auction will go live at 12:00 p.m. EST on our Facebook page. You can find the auction albums here:


Place a bid by commenting on your chosen item (for example, ‘BID $50’). Bidding happens in a minimum of $5 increments (for example, 5, 10, 15, etc. ). 


The buy it now option may be used on items that have no bids. If this option is chosen, the buyer immediately wins the auction and no more bids can be placed. To place a bid using the Buy it Now option, comment with BIN and the BIN price to the listed item. Example: BIN $150. The Buy it Now option disappears once another bid is placed. 

Banner Art and Artist


This month’s auction banner features the painting The Travelling Wind by Patricia Ann Lewis. For over a decade, Pat Ann has applied her skills in the Story Arts as a Freelancer. From illustrating in the children's publishing industry to storyboarding for children's animated television and everything in between.

Now she is giving up the freelancing world to work on her own projects such as licensing her MacFeather Girls and Feather Brain birds and fish and two children's books about animals.