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Meredith Dillman

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merebiophotowebsite2016Meredith Dillman is an artist and illustrator originally from Minnesota. She now lives in Wisconsin. She is known for her colorful watercolors which blend Art Nouveau, fantasy and Asian influences. She enjoys painting fairies, woodland creatures and other fantasy and medieval themes and has been drawing such since childhood. She is inspired by Pre-Raphaelite artists, Japanese comics, and turn-of-the-century book illustration.

Meredith graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a BFA degree in Illustration in 2002. Her work has since been published in instructional books and licensed for a variety of products and collectables. Meredith is the author and illustrator of the books Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies and Fantasy from Walter Foster and Fantasy Fashion Art Studio from Impact Books.

Meredith’s enchanting paintings are made with attention to detail, starting with refined pencil and ink drawings followed by many transparent layers of watercolor.

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